Gatineau River: Then and Now

Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997

Set 11 - Village of Cascades (Click on images for additional details)

These images show more detail of the village of Cascades. The THEN image shows its largest structure, the Peerless Hotel, at the bottom of the River Road (Chemin de la Rivière). The building at the lower left of the photo is the Cascades Club's original clubhouse. Near the clubhouse, on the railway track, are five railway cars. Divers report that foundations of a number of the former village structures are still visible underwater.

The Cascades railway station was across the tracks and south of the Cascades Club. The old station is now located on the Cross farm at Farm Point, across Route 105 from the IGA grocery store.

Then image (click)
Village of Cascades with Peerless Hotel
See also annotated image

Now image (click)
Village of Cascades (1995)

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