Gatineau River: Then and Now

Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997

Set 10 - Approaching the "lost village" of Cascades (Click on images for additional details)

These images illustrate the "lost village of Cascades," the largest community flooded by the raising of the Gatineau River. The remaining village was much smaller than it had been, because most of the structures at its south end, up to the Peerless Hotel, were moved or burned before the water level was raised in spring 1927.

In the THEN image, construction of the River Road (Chemin de la Rivière) is underway. The road was moved inland, since the riverbank on the Chelsea side was too narrow and rocky to accommodate both the rail and the road relocation along the new shoreline of the river.

Then image (click)
Village of Cascades
See also annotated image

Now image (click)
Lost village of Cascades

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