Gatineau River: Then and Now

Lower Gatineau River from the air in 1926 and 1997

Set 1 - Chelsea Dam (Click on images for additional details)

The Chelsea and Farmer's Rapids dams were constructed in the amazingly short period of 16 months. (The Paugan Dam, at Low, was also part of that project.) It was one of the world's largest construction projects of its time. It employed 6,000 people and cost $60,000,000 ($1.6 billion in today's dollars).

For a description of this hydroelectric project, see Jacques Lecours's article "The Great Hydro-Electric Works on the Gatineau River: Some Views From Contemporary Engineering Journals," Volume 21, Up the Gatineau!

Then image (click)
Chelsea Dam
Construction of the Chelsea Dam

Now image (click)
Chelsea Dam
Chelsea Dam after the flooding

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