Vintage Wings of Canada

Vintage Wings of Canada External Link has published articles related to the history of the Gatineau Valley.

Archie Pennie External Link is honoured in The Vintage Wings Aircraft Dedication Program Honours Veteran.

Archie Pennie received the Award of Honour from the GVHS for his contributions to Up the Gatineau! - eleven articles over the course of seven years, on a wide range of topics (with more to appear in the upcoming volume 28). Archie's research skills, natural curiosity, and analytical prowess have contributed a solid body of knowledge to the pages of our journal.

The Miracle of the Hudson at Sainte Cécile de Masham External Link
An account of the landing of a Lockheed Hudson bomber on a field in Ste Cécile de Masham on July 19th, 1941.