Presentations and Special Exhibits

The following are documents and contents pertaining to the Gatineau Valley.

Gatineau Valley North: Settled for Forests and Fortunes
Presentation developed and presented by Marc Cockburn, with assistance from Caroline Hogan, Norm Ramsay and Sophie Dazé from Library and Archives Canada; Luc Brazeau from les Archives Nationales du Québec, Outaouais; GVHS members Duncan Marshall and Bruce Ballantyne; caption writer Tamara Tarasoff; and translators Robert and Denise Carrière of Communications St-Germain.

"O'Neil House: the Great Move!" 6.3MB - See (Newsletter 2014-03)
Presentation by Élisabeth Veyrat and Thierry Boyer on the history of O'Neil House and their attempts to bring it back to its former appearance.

Researching Military Family History 2.7MB - See (Newsletter 2011-04)
Presentation by Carol Reid from the Canadian War Museum on military genealogy, including a comprehensive introduction to on-line resources related to Canadian military service records.

Sources for a Postal History of the Gatineau Valley PPT 8.9MB - See (Newsletter 2011-03)
Presentation by Pascal LeBlond of Library and Archives Canada detailing the various reference documents available to a member of the public interested in researching this topic.

Dedication to Archie Pennie
Dedication to Archie Pennie by their Vintage Wings Aircraft Dedication Program.

The Historical Legacy of the Gatineau from Cantley to Low
Discover the history of this region through the compilation of images and stories that have been archived by the Gatineau Valley Historical Society.