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The following are documents and images of interest to members and researchers, pertaining to the Gatineau Valley.

Chelsea's Union Mission Church Park
Commemoration of the Union Mission Church Park in Kirk's Ferry on October 2, 2011.

Gatineau Valley North: Settled for Forests and Fortunes
A presentation developed and presented by Marc Cockburn, with assistance from Caroline Hogan, Norm Ramsay and Sophie Dazé from Library and Archives Canada; Luc Brazeau from les Archives Nationales du Quebec, Outaouais; GVHS members Duncan Marshall and Bruce Ballantyne; caption writer Tamara Tarasoff; and translators Robert et Denise Carrière of Communications St-Germain.

Vintage Wings of Canada
Dedication to Archie Pennie by the Vintage Wings Aircraft Dedication Program Honours Veteran.