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Soccer Chelsea

A History of Soccer Chelsea: 1979-2020
A history of Soccer Chelsea founded in 1979 till its dissolution in 2020

    Appendix A - Soccer Chelsea Executive 1982 – 2019
    Appendix B - Lettres Patentes
    Appendix C - Acte de dissolution
    Appendix D - Members of the Fondation Chelsea Foundation Board (1998)
    Appendix E - Volunteers Recognized by Soccer Chelsea and the Association Regionale de Soccer Outaouais (ARSO)
    Appendix F - Volunteers Recognized by Soccer Chelsea and the Municipality of Chelsea

Where did the soccer fields in front of the Meredith Centre in Chelsea Quebec come from?
The acquisition of land for three addition soccer fields at the Meredith Center.

Annual Reports
PowerPoint slide presentations of Annual General Meetings.