We Need Your Help

The success of the Society's archives depends to a great degree on the people of the Gatineau Valley and their willingness to share their stories about our history. We invite you to consider how you might contribute.

  • Do you own historic papers, documents, or publications that you would be willing to let us have, either to lend for copying or as outright donations - so we can add them to our collection?
  • Do you have newspaper clippings or scrapbooks, on either local residents or organizations that you would donate to the GVHS?
  • Do you have old photographs with identifiable subjects that you would let us copy and use in our Image Bank?
  • Are your personal experiences of historical interest, and if so, would you like to have your memoirs recorded and placed in the Archives?
  • Would you be interested in volunteering to help with the Society's activities, such as the Archives or annual Antiques and Collectibles Auction?

We hope to hear from you on any ideas you may wish to discuss. Please feel free to contact any member of the GVHS Executive.