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Volume 48

Official Release of the 2022 Volume of Up the Gatineau!

The newest volume of its local history journal, Volume 48 has been published. A complimentary copy will be distributed to members in June, and copies will be available for purchase in many local Gatineau Valley retail establishments.

Please read this update from its editor, and check out the volume’s table of contents.

Geoffrey Rider

Geoffrey Rider - Winner of the Arthur Davison Prize
The GVHS is pleased to announce that Geoffrey Rider has won the 2022 Arthur Davison Prize for outstanding article in Volume 47, “The Parson was a Painter.”

Margaret Coleman

Margaret Coleman - Winner of the Carol Martin Award
The GVHS is also pleased to announce Margaret Coleman has been named as recipient of the Carol Martin Award for her significant and sustained contribution to Up the Gatineau!, on the occasion of her retirement as an assistant editor.

The Society thanks judges Susan Courage, Fergus Maclaren, and Mary Lou van Schaik for their contributions in selecting these two individuals for recognition.

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Awards Dinner & launch of volume 48 Up the Gatineau!
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