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Carol Martin
Carol Martin

The Gatineau Valley Historical Society (GVHS), our Members and supporters are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Carol Martin, Honourary Life Member of the Society, on December 20, 2016. Our thoughts and prayers are with her husband Robert and all her family.

Carol began volunteering with the Historical Society of the Gatineau in 1976, became a Director in 1984, was Society President in 1996/97, and continued to serve on the GVHS Board of Directors for over 32 years. She was Publications Director and Editor of Up the Gatineau! from 1991 to 2011 and was responsible for 21 Volumes of the Society’s annual local history journal, also contributing 26 articles herself. In 2005, she published her book ‘In Memory of Chelsea's Historic Cemeteries’.

Carol was involved in virtually every facet of Society’s programs and activities, including as a volunteer with GVHS “Pat Evans” Archives where she expertly responded to reference inquiries related to a variety of topics including local genealogy, cemetery and census records. She was a long-time volunteer at the annual GVHS Auction and she was always the first to roll up her sleeves whenever anything needed to be done!

During her time with the GVHS, Carol never hesitated to volunteer her exceptional organizational skills, her editing expertise, and her experience to the Society. The resources she created enabled the Society to broaden its ability to offer assistance to the wider local-heritage community, to create many heritage related online products for the GVHS website, and numerous other local exhibitions and heritage publications.

Carol’s contributions to the Municipality of Chelsea Heritage Committee, particularly in matters related to Historic Sites recognition and designation led to many recommendations to Municipal Council. Most recently, Carol spearheaded an initiative to preserve and maintain the historic Old Chelsea Protestant Burial Ground and the GVHS’s Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery.

Carol Martin was a builder, a leader and a mentor for the GVHS for over 32 years. Her many and varied contributions, and the resources she helped create, will continue to be the foundation on which our Society will flourish into the future.

She will be missed by her Society friends, family and community.

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