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The Irish and Gaelic Language in Canada and the Ottawa Valley
Speaker: Danny Doyle

Monday, October 16, 7:30 p.m.
Larrimac Golf Club, 1148 Route 105, Chelsea, QC

Mr. Doyle explores the Irish language in Canada and the fate of Irish Gaelic immigrants to this country. Bringing together census data and historic accounts, he shows the prevalence of the language -- once spoken from Newfoundland through to the Yukon -- and discusses the reasons for the language's abandonment and near-total exclusion from the Canadian folk memory, unlike other immigrant languages.
     Danny Doyle (Dónall Ó Dubhghaill) holds a Masters Degree in Arts Conservation and works as an archaeological conservator for the Government of Canada. He has lectured on the Irish language in Canada numerous times, as well as through the Irish Language [Department?] at Ulster University. He is also a published Gaelic poet and winner of the 2016 Oireachtas Gaeilge Cheanada Award for Poetry.

« La Montée Lauriault et le chemin Kingsmere »
par Michel Lemaire

lundi, le 23 octobre 2017 à 19h30
La Bibliothèque de Chelsea, 100 chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea.

Jusqu'aux années 1950, le chemin Kingsmere était relié au chemin de la Montagne par la montée Lauriault, et les fermiers de Hollow Glen pouvaient grimper l'escarpement, tous les dimanches, pour se rendre à l'église Saint-Stephen d'Old Chelsea. La montée Lauriault constituait l'une des ouvertures sur la vallée de la rivière des Outaouais pour les pionniers des collines de la Gatineau. Aujourd'hui, ce vieux chemin est fermé et disparaît dans les bois. Comme le souvenir de Jean-Baptiste Lauriault, Michael Mulvihill ou Lyle Beamish.
     La présentation sera en français, mais M. Lemaire sera heureux de répondre aux questions en français ou en anglais. And please also note that most of the documents forming his presentation are in English.

“Lauriault’s Hill and Kingsmere Road in Chelsea”
by Michel Lemaire

Monday, October 23, 2017 at 7:30 pm
Chelsea Library, Main Floor, 100 chemin Old Chelsea, Chelsea.

Until the 1950s, Kingsmere Road was linked to Mountain Road by Lauriault's Hill Road, and the farmers from Hollow Glen would climb up the escarpment, every Sunday, to go to the church of Saint Stephen in Old Chelsea. Lauriault's Hill represented one of the openings to the Ottawa Valley for the pioneers of the Gatineau Hills. Today, this old road is closed. It has disappeared (in the woods), as has the memory of Jean-Baptiste Lauriault, Michael Mulvihill and Lyle Beamish.
     Please note that this presentation will be in French, but M. Lemaire will answer questions in English. And please also note that most of the documents forming his presentation are in English.

Remembrance Day Ceremony

at the graveside of Pte. Richard Rowland Thompson, the only Canadian to receive the prestigious Queen’s Scarf.

Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 10:30 a.m.
Chelsea Pioneer Cemetery and Cenotaph
587 Highway 105, Chelsea QC

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October 1 - Folk Picnic at Meech Creek Valley with the Municipality of Chelsea

November 4-5 - Wakefield Christmas Craft Fair at Vorlage for the Des Collines Health Foundation

November 25 - "Bill Mason: A Life in Nature" at the NCC Gatineau Park Visitor Centre with Friends of the Gatineau Park (details will be available soon)

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The Ottawa Valley’s Great Fire of 1870

Monday, September 18, 2017
Speaker: Terence Currie

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